About Us

About Us
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  • MODAPTO facilitates the creation of DTs for any modular production
  • MODAPTO stems from actual environments with modular structure, reconfigurability needs and intention to create modules for processes not readily available, although critical.
  • MODAPTO DTs will rely not upon their individual intelligence but get up-skilled by coordinating with fellow DTs to support distributed control for modular environments
  • MODAPTO will offer new production module designs with optimization, predictive maintenance, and sustainability-aware capabilities.
  • Apart from methods and tools for predictive maintenance, optimization, and simulation, MODAPTO offers an overarching ‘Modular Production Framework and Toolkit’
  • Interoperability design regarding the development of production modules is offered through open-source tools and interfaces plus active engagement to standardization: IEC 62832, ISO/IEC JTC1, ISO SC42 IoT, and ISO 23247
  • MODAPTO will engage intensively with both large companies and (many) SMEs, beyond the ones participating in the consortium, to increase understanding for modular technologies, through both its training and demonstration activities and its synergies with numerous national and EU-wide initiatives.

An attractive business case

  • MODAPTO has a flexible set of exploitable assets that individual partners can alone advance but is mostly promising through its combined use.
  • The market for modular technologies in automotive alone and only related to DTs for Business Optimization is projected to reach 3.67 billion; MODAPTO has access to a large industrial network led by its industrial partners which can be widely benefited upon being presented with the benefits for production brought forth by the successful application of the MODAPTO toolset and infrastructure.