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About Us
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  • An interoperability framework connecting MODAPTO to production modules and manufacturing systems, offered by open interfaces based on industrial standards with the physical or digital assets, plus mappings of standardized module interfaces to proprietary ones
  • Distributed Control for production modules, where a MODAPTO module is an observable manufacturing element with its DT; the DT encompasses tools and services handling different control aspects and interacts with other DTs through the interoperability framework.
  • A Modular Production Toolkit, for designing or reconfiguring production at different levels (machines, modules, lines)”, for optimizing and simulating production processes to assess different schemas, scenarios, and reconfiguration decisions.
  • Collective Intelligence tools, processing data from multiple modules for simulation, optimization, predictive maintenance, or analytics approach to obtain a global view of the whole production process instead of looking at individual modules, thus yielding the benefits of modularity.
  • Industrial strategies for the addition, removal, or modification of process modules to achieve flexibility in the production while maintaining a relatively high throughput, linking functional to organisational and to strategic considerations.
  • Extensive training and ‘train-the-trainers’ activities on modularity, reconfigurability, DTs & related technologies
  • SME engagement and outreach through entrepreneur- ial ‘EntreComp’ teaching, combined with novel business modelling and open innovation that connects SMEs with OEMs.