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MODAPTO project envisions flexible industrial systems composed of modules and further enhanced by distributed intelligence via interoperable Digital Twins (DTs). In this way, we aim to materialize reconfigurability in the factory floor and operations and further on through the process of enabling collective intelligence within modular production schemes MODAPTO enables for effective module and production line design, reconfiguration, and decision support. Furthermore, to ensure an easy to adopt solution, MODAPTO’s novel and interoperable DTs are based on industrial standards.

To achieve substantial KPI (Key Performance Indicators) improvements related to efficiency, cost, quality, energy, and sustainability, MODAPTO Project will be implemented in 3 industrial UCs involving 4 manufacturers at 3 distinct levels to demonstrate its versatility and applicability.

Lastly, business models’ development will facilitate its transferability to other sectors multiplying its potential benefit, along with the adoption of its industrial strategies. More over a key expected result relates to the foreseen knowledge transfer processes via workforce and trainers’ training activities .