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MODAPTO’s second technical meeting: Two days of insightful collaboration and progress

On March 20th and 21st, 2024, our partner FFT hosted a pivotal plenary meeting at their facilities, welcoming representatives from all partnering organisations. The meeting kicked off with an introduction and necessary safety briefings concerning the industrial environment.

Fist day highlights.

The first day began with a comprehensive tour of FFT’s shop floor, allowing all partners to familiarise themselves with the factory’s operations, equipment, and manufacturing processes. To ensure an effective learning environment, participants were divided into two teams. They visited various factory sections, particularly where robots involved in the MODAPTO project are installed. The functionalities and processes of these robots were thoroughly explained to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Following the tour, a structured workshop facilitated by Fraunhofer took place, which involved all participants in a system design activity crucial for the project. Leaders appointed by Fraunhofer guided each group, challenging them with critical questions aimed at both end users (pilot partners) and technical partners. This exercise was focused on defining the functionalities that the system should offer to operators. The workshop, divided into three parts over four hours, was instrumental in drawing significant conclusions about system design and operation.

The day concluded with detailed discussions on the tools to be developed within MODAPTO, including co-simulation, co-optimisation, self-awareness, predictive maintenance, analytics, and sustainability analytics tools. The evening was capped off with a dinner hosted by FFT, providing a relaxed setting for partners to discuss unresolved issues and strengthen their collaborative bonds.

Second day highlights.

The second day of the meeting opened with a critical session on project technical coordination. This session was crucial for resolving outstanding issues, making decisions on ambiguous points, and beginning preparations for the project’s first review meeting. A subsequent management session allowed partners to address significant project aspects, such as scheduling the next plenary meeting and strategising steps forward, including preparations for the upcoming review meeting.

The meeting wrapped up with an overview of the active Work Packages and the activities being led within them by all partners, setting a clear roadmap for future collaboration and project milestones.

Overall, the two-day meeting at FFT was not only a testament to the collaborative spirit of the MODAPTO project but also a significant stride toward achieving our technical and strategic goals!